Friday, June 29, 2007

Number Two!!!

We have been extremely busy the past few weeks and a lot of interesting and fun things have happened that have yet to make it to this blog, but today, TODAY I just had to write. Jake finally did it. After more than two long years of struggle, angst, accidents and various other issues... that boy pooped on the potty. Yes, that's right, the most exciting thing in my life is that my son, my four and 1/2 year old son, actually took a dump in the right spot! Not in a princess pull-up crouched down in the corner, but actually in the potty. It is amazing. I feel like singing... dancing, whatever! It is a great day!

To commemorate the experience we actually took photos... however I PROMISE not to post those! We celebrated, we danced, we gave each other high fives, hugs, everything. We even saved the poopy in the toilet so Daddy could see it when he got home. Jake got to stay up late and watch Cars and tomorrow we promised we'd take him out to dinner and a movie. He even gets to go to Disney World. Maybe he was just holding out for the best present. I don't know and I don't care. I'm just happy to finally have him do what I knew he could do all along. I love you, Jake!

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Weekend of Pics

I've been a bad blogger so I thought I'd take this opportunity to upload some cute shots of the kids from this past weekend. We didn't do much of anything but relax. You gotta love that kind of weekend. Here are pictures with their cousins, first Bryce with RaeAnn and Jake with Dane in the pool. Saturday morning at the mall there was a balloon "cage" that Jake and Bryce really enjoyed, so here's a couple of pics of them in it. We're finally starting to relax and enjoy the "new house." I'll put some pictures of it up soon. Promise.

So Long Tony Soprano...

What an ending.... It's been more than seven years that Tony, Carmela, Paulie, Sil and the gang have made Sunday night THE night to watch television for Jason and I. We were so loyal that we wouldn't go away or even out on Sundays in case we stayed out too late. I had major withdrawl when Six Feet Under went off the air and I think the same thing is going to happen with the end of the Sopranos. Unlike everyone else I've talked to, I liked the ending. You can fill in the blanks yourself; did they all get whacked at the restaurant? Did Tony go to jail? Did they all live happily ever after? No closure, but a great ride, while it lasted. Thanks, HBO.