Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cool Stuff on the Horizon

Again, two months??? WTF? I used to be such a good little blogger until FB entered my life. As Betty White appropriately stated on SNL this past Saturday, Facebook is a huge waste of time, but unfortunately I am addicted to it.

Weight update is very good... I am down to a trim 126.0 and holding. I still hope to rock the "120" pretty soon, but I am in no rush, as it seems that the rapid weight loss works against me in the long run. Hey, I can't complain, I started this journey in a size 12 and now size 6 is falling off me, so... all is good.

I am having a terrific day today as I am preparing for my annual "Spring rite of Mommy-passage" a husband-less and child-less getaway with 15 of my nearest and dearest pals in Orlando. We've dubbed ourselves the BOHOs (actually April dubbed us the BOHOs - Biotches of the Highest Order) and the name stuck... perhaps because it is so appropriate.

On Friday I will join my gals for a weekend of R&R (think massage, laying by pool, shopping, dinner out and dancing with a little bit of alcohol mixed in for fun...) at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. Wow. I cannot wait. It's the fourth year for me and the fifth anniversary for the original group which started with four girlfriends from Clermont -- one of them being my buddy Cindi.

Also, I am so excited about the prospect of one of my new pet projects -- Java Dawg Coffee. If you're from Sarasota you may be familiar with the Double Decker bus at the Farmer's Market every Saturday. Well, this little company has a whole lot of gusto and things are just getting started. I am delighted to be a part of what is sure to be a success.

Still running and training for another 1/2 Marathon -- this time in California -- early September -- the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. What fun... with three of my BOHOs!

Anyways, not much else to report. Life is still crazy busy... kids are adorable and growing fast... and summer is right around the corner! Phew... I am sweating already.