Monday, March 16, 2009

Seriously, Folks...

OK, my high school reunion is now less than three months away, so it's time I get serious about those icky 10 pounds that have plagued me since,... oh, I don't know, about 2003, when I packed it all on for "pregnancy!" Who knew having kids would spoil my body THAT much! I mean, really???

Today I ate a Kit Kat and drank a coke at lunch. That was it. I am done. Jason got me the cool running belt with the water bottle and room for my phone so I have NO EXCUSES anymore. I am going to come up with my training program and post it here. I have bootcamp tonight and will keep at that twice a week, but I really need to start up the exercise program...

So, I'm starting off with today's weigh in 143.5. Yikes. I KNOW I've posted this before, but this time I've gotta do it!!!! Really! Really! Seriously!

Friday, March 13, 2009

In the Nooks and Crannies...

of my car's interior I discovered an entire microcosm of detritus... here's just a few of the gems I found whilst cleaning and vacuuming the car.

- 2 plastic dimes
- 1 black jelly bean
- 2 (real) pennies
- a petrified french fry
- plastic baggie with 10 quarters in it (???)
- 3 yellow straws from Capri Sun drinks
- one pair of (dirty) matching boys' socks
- three non-matching girls' socks (all dirty)
- 2 green camo backpacks
- two pairs of girls shoes
- inordinate amount of pretzel salt (like the end of a bag dumped out)
- 3 pens (miraculously all with tops on or near them)
- 1 colored pencil
- wadded up tissues
- wilted green top from a recently (?) eaten strawberry
- Christmas holiday kids' t-shirt

That is my kind of Friday night... life in the fast lane... cleaning the car interior.... does it get any better than this? I'd better not ask that question. Have a great weekend.