Friday, November 13, 2009

On the Road to Self-Improvement

OK, so I'm in training for a 1/2 Marathon in March with my some of my BOHO gal pals and I realize there are good days and bad days when you're attempting to work out AND (more importantly) watch what you eat.

So far I've made what I think is great progress -- approximately 8 pounds lost, which shows in the way my face looks and the fit of my clothes. But I'm struggling to move from the 139.5 that keeps popping up on the scale for the past three weeks. One step forward and two steps back it seems sometimes, as I got sidetracked this week with a visit to McDonald's because Bryce wanted to go there. Since when do I let a 4 1/2 year old dictate what I do?

I am back on track now, but am a little bit nervous because we are headed out for vacation and I am NOTORIOUS for throwing it all out the window and chowing down when I'm away from home. Instead, I am going to go into this trip with a mental goal to NOT GAIN OR LOSE weight, just stay the same, which I think will be a feat of accomplishment if I can do it.

I am packing my running shoes and workout stuff and even though I won't be participating in the 26.2 miles of the Philly Marathon like Jason on the 22nd, I can squeeze in a couple of good workouts while we're away. Wish me luck!