Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Few Weeks Worth of Pictures

It really has been a crazy summer... we are busy trying to get the landscape done at the house, trying to get some new jobs at work, trying to take some time out for ourselves with a little vacation to Disney (yes, again!). So this entry will be done in pictoral style. Enjoy!
From top to bottom: 1. Bryce and Jake in their new backyard beach. They have named it Lizard Beach, however I have yet to see a lizard in the sand. Hmmmm. 2. During our trip to Disney we went to the Pirate and Princess Party on Friday night. There was a rainstorm of epic proportions during the first couple of hours, so our pirate and princess were very soggy. It was still fun, though! 3. While swimming in the pool at the Wilderness Lodge early one morning we were joined by ducks! 4. The kids love the pool! 5. Aunt Mary visited Florida from Mass. so we had a cookout; here she is pictured with Bryce.