Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Loser Blogger Girl

I am a loser when it comes to this blog... I really thought that I had updated it "recently," I guess that would mean that middle of November (3 months ago) was "recent." I giggled to myself reading that entry though, because I have come pretty far in the time frame... I am down to a skinny-mini 133 pounds as of today. I was 131.0 after a long run last Friday, but blew it after a take-out pizza and a trip to the Circus over the weekend.

That's OK though. This is a game where I certainly don't mind being the loser. In fact, I relish being the loser. Big kudos to my running buddy Lisa who is in it to win it with me... our 1/2 marathon is in 3 weeks, we've both lost quite a bit of weight, we're doing our best with changing our diet and we're working out at least 4 time per week -- bootcamp twice a week and running/walking twice a week.

I'll let you know how it goes March 8th. And if we weren't crazy enough we signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim in September. We need continued motivation to keep working out. I'm not the biggest loser, but I am a loser... and I'm proud of it.