Sunday, June 2, 2013

Three Years Later...

It's hard to comprehend that the last time I wrote a blog entry the kids were entering second grade and kindergarten. I now have a soon-to-be fifth grader and third grader. Jake is so big he can wear my shoes. I've just glossed over three of the busiest years of our lives... a time during which we launched a new company -- People at Play that we operate over the weekends allowing individuals and groups to operate (our) real construction equipment for fun. All that while keeping the other company going... and the family life on track... as well as can be expected.

I've struggled with weight gain and celebrated weight loss... enjoyed great moments with the kids and  lived through dark Mommy-low-points, that I am guessing we all go through. I learned what it was like to lose a parent; my Dad passed away in March of 2011... and also the sadness of losing a good friend.

I am coming out the other end of all this whole. I am also coming to terms with the fact that at 42 I do, really, truly, know what I want out of life and am not going to worry about what I don't want. I am releasing bad and focusing on the good. I am going to attempt to keep this blog on track, as I feel it gives me a good outlet for self expression... and it's a hell of a lot easier than keeping a diary.

Happy Summer, Folks! Here's to more paddle boarding, sand in your toes, vacations, grilled dinners and lazy afternoons by the pool.